Fresh off the Press: Léon Marillier and the Veridical or Telepathic Hallucination in France

I’m pleased to see my joint article on telepathic hallucinations in French psychology and psychiatry with Pascal Le Maléfan came out today in the journal History of Psychiatry. Le Maléfan, P., & Sommer, A. (2015). Léon Marillier and the veridical hallucination in late-nineteenth and early-twentieth century French psychology and psychopathology. History of Psychiatry, 26, 418-432. … Read more

The Mathematician and the World Beyond: The Visions of Girolamo Cardano. Guest Post by Andrew Manns

Andrew Manns is a doctoral student at the Warburg Institute. His research focuses on the psychological and political theories of Renaissance philosopher Tommaso Campanella. As the founding editor of and a contributor to Abraxas Journal, Andrew has written on a number of topics in the history of religion, science, and magic. Girolamo Cardano (1501-1576) … Read more

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